Summer Go Tournament

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 2nd AC Tournament! This is a local tournament organized for beginners where Filipinos of all ages can play against each other online! Registration for the tournament begins! Please read the rules below and make sure you agree to all of them before joining. Check back our site for some changes. We will do our best to make this tournament fun and effective! If you have any questions, E-mail us at moc.liamg|yenruotca#moc.liamg|yenruotca


Registration is until April 25, 2008 (Friday)
Practice play will be on April 26-27, 2008 (Saturday and Sunday)
Round-Robin Schedule/List of Participants will be published on April 28, 2008 (Monday)
The tournament starts on May 3, 2008 (Saturday)

Where to play
The matches shall be played in the Philippines Room (which can be found under National) on KGS Go Server. Visit the website at

Schedule of Games
A player must finish one game per week and schedule it with their opponents. Players can pick, with his opponent, their own date and time of the match through E-mail (which will be published along with the list of participants). Please E-mail your schedules two days before the match to moc.liamg|yenruotca#moc.liamg|yenruotca

Tournament System
Round-robin tournament
19x19 board with no handicap, 6.5 komi
KGS Japanese rule set will apply

Time Settings
20 minutes main time and 3 byo-yomi periods of 30 seconds each

Before the Game

  1. Players must set the game as “Private” where only the referees will be given access, if no referees are present the players can still play their game.
  2. Players will nigiri at the start of every game.
  3. Players must write “AC Tournament" on the game notes before the first move.

After the Game
The winner will send the result and attach the game file (.sgf) with the title “2nd AC Result” to moc.liamg|yenruotca#moc.liamg|yenruotca

Write the results in the E-mail like the examples below.

cramnhoj W - JeanPaul B, W+R or
Kamandag W - saia B, B+34.5

"W+R" means White won by resignation, and "B+34.5" means Black won by 34.5 points.

Further Notes

  • The participant’s name (including their E-mail) will be published, other info about the player will be kept private.
  • In the event of disconnection during the game, the player must try and reconnect as soon as possible. It is up to the player’s opponent if he/she wants to add time. However, A player is allowed to be added time with up to 5 minutes only. No more further adding of time beyond 5 minutes. If disconnection persists, players may adjourn the game.
  • Note that all games are saved in the KGS archives and conversations are also recorded.
  • This tournament is designed for everyone’s enjoyment, abusive language/behavior and foul play won’t be tolerated.
  • All games will be replayed by a stronger player before publishing the result. Finished games will be uploaded in the mailing list.
  • When conflict arise between the players, contact us at moc.liamg|yenruotca#moc.liamg|yenruotca and explain the problem.

Practice Play
Assuming all the players have a solid KGS rank but only played a few games, It is recommend that the player will attend the practice play. Practice play is only a demonstration of the tournament where all participants who are present in the room can play against each other. Simultaneous Games and Teaching Games may also be given by willing players. The list of ‘teachers’ will be written in the room. Attendance not required.

First Prize: Foldable Go Board
Second Prize: Go Book
Winners can claim their prizes personally or have them delivered.


  • Filipinos residing in Philippines can join the tournament.
  • Participants must hold a solid KGS rank of 15kyu or below before registering.
  • Unranked players won’t be allowed to join.

Please send the following information with the title “2nd AC Participant: Your Name” to moc.liamg|yenruotca#moc.liamg|yenruotca

• Full name
• Age
• ID picture
• Occupation
• Telephone
• Mobile Phone
• E-mail Address
• Home Address
• KGS Nickname

A word from the organizers…

The aim of this tournament is to help promote go and encourage beginners to play at their best. Please take some time to interact with other participants by playing games in the room. It is said that beginners should lose their First 50 games as quickly as possible, so practice as much as you can!

Help us by inviting more people to join!

And lastly, enjoy your games!

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