AC Schedule


See Summer Go Tournament page

Time Settings: 20 minutes main time and 3 byo-yomi periods of 30 seconds each

Game Result: The winner will send the result and attach the game file (.sgf) with the title “2nd AC Result” to moc.liamg|yenruotca#moc.liamg|yenruotca

Write the results in the E-mail like the examples below.

cramnhoj W - JeanPaul B, W+R or
Kamandag W - saia B, B+34.5


First Prize: Foldable Go Board
Second Prize: Go Book


1. yurisaku - moc.oohay|ahtagaeoz_ukato#moc.oohay|ahtagaeoz_ukato
2. ycoh - moc.oohay|9290_zehcnasedef#moc.oohay|9290_zehcnasedef
3. bandasi - moc.liamg|isadnabb#moc.liamg|isadnabb
4. projaiki07 - moc.oohay|nagiualla_emiaj#moc.oohay|nagiualla_emiaj
5. k0gu - moc.liamg|oramugok#moc.liamg|oramugok
6. dodong - moc.oohay|30_gnodneb#moc.oohay|30_gnodneb
7. jpdatuin will sub for bandasi

Registration is CLOSED.

Tournament Record

SGF files of finished games are available in the mailing list


Round 1: May 3 (Saturday) to May 11 (Sunday)

  • yurisaku vs. dodong (winner: dodong)
  • ycoh vs. k0gu (winner: k0gu)
  • jpdatuin vs. projaiki07 (no game)

Round 2: May 12 (Monday) to May 18 (Sunday)

  • yurisaku vs. k0gu (winner: yurisaku)
  • projaiki07 vs. dodong (winner: dodong)
  • ycoh vs. jpdatuin (winner: ycoh)

Round 3: May 19 (Monday) to May 25 (Sunday)

  • yurisaku vs. projaiki07 (winner: projaiki07)
  • jpdatuin vs. k0gu (winner: kogu)
  • ycoh vs. dodong (winner: ycoh)

Round 4: May 26 (Monday) to June 1 (Sunday)

  • yurisaku vs. jpdatuin (winner: yurisaku)
  • ycoh vs. projaiki07 (winner: ycoh)
  • k0gu vs. dodong (no game)

Round 5: June 2 (Monday) to June 8 (Sunday)

  • yurisaku vs. ycoh (winner: ycoh)
  • jpdatuin vs. dodong (winner: dodong)
  • projaiki07 vs. k0gu (no game)


1st place: ycoh
2nd place: dodong

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